Cable Creek is a division of Winport International entrusted with external manufacturing, design, engineering, research and development, quality and product sourcing capability. In an era when the industrial component and parts supply process has inextricably moved from the west to the east, Cable Creek is well placed already having an established office in China.  With a firm emphasis on quality at all times we achieve a superior outcome for the component requirements of our group interests, as well as surpassing client expectations.

Reflecting these home grown and advanced skills Cable Creek has already established a partnership with the Californian US based Jacuzzi Corporation to develop and supply a range of premium sanitary and bathroom fittings.

Similarly Cable Creek is introducing innovative bathroom and laundry PodTek™ PODS as integrated wet area products that will deliver production efficiency, ease of installation and innovative design that delivers measurable user benefit.

Significant international potential is anticipated as this range is launched to the global market in the immediate future.